In this episode, Pastor Jay Lee interviews self-professing atheist and skeptic Calvin Smith. In the first half, Pastor Jay poses some questions about the problems of finding meaning & purpose in life and the grounding of any objective sense of morality without the existence of a god, and how logical evidence suggests the possible existence of a god. In the second half, Calvin poses some questions to Pastor Jay about the immoral actions of God in the Bible, the equivalence of the Bible with other religious texts like the Quran or Book of Mormon, and reasons why we should believe in Jesus over any other god. 

Guest Bio:

Calvin Smith is a musician, podcaster, practicing street epistemologist, and ancient history enthusiast. Calvin has spent the last few years reevaluating his beliefs that he once held onto dearly. It wasn't until  his first read-through of the Bible that he began to question  everything he once thought to be true. Calvin, who now considers himself atheist,  hopes to break the stigma of not being able to talk about beliefs without a screaming match, and hopes to induce critical  thinking  skills to believers and non-believers alike with the help of  \his podcast, "Unquestionable with Calvin Smith.


The closing song for this episode is "Unbelief" by Rachelle Luk (@rachelle_luk) -


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