In this episode, Pastor Jay Lee interviews special guest Tommy Nixon about what the future of the Church looks like. In this interview, they explore some flaws in the American church that the Pandemic exposed and will need to pass away, how some of the tensions of power and money have been hindrances to true intimacy with Jesus for the Church, the crisis of young people leaving the church in masses, the concept of the "radical middle", and why the future of the church is young, urban and ethnic. 

Guest Bio:

Tommy Nixon has been the CEO of Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) since 2018. Prior to UYWI, Tommy was a Founder and Executive Director of Solidarity, a nonprofit organization that strengthens urban communities, as well as the founding pastor at One Life City Church. He is passionate about helping urban leaders lead from a place of depth with God while having a dynamic impact in the Kingdom on the local & global scale.


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