In this episode, Pastor Jay Lee interviews Christine Osbrink (@the.fourfour) who actively practices the miraculous gifts of the Spirit, such as: of tongues, word of knowledge, and prophecy. Pastor Jay, who does not have any of these "miraculous" gifts of the spirit, explores both the Biblical teaching as well as Christine's personal experiences, asking very specific and personal questions of Christine to try and dig for truth on this very mysterious and debated issue. Christine closes the interview by praying in tongues.

Some of the questions explored in the interview:

  • Where does the Bible teach us about spiritual gifts?

  • Is there any solid Biblical argument that some of the gifts have ceased?

  • What if you are wrong about a "word of knowledge" or "prophecy"?

  • Can Christine understand what she is praying in tongues?

  • What if tongues or other manifestations are demonic?

  • Why don't people with the gift of healing just go walk around hospitals everyday?

Guest Bio:

CJ has always enjoyed discipling, writing, singing and doing visual art,  as a creative soul at heart, but her calling to minister in that  capacity on Instagram began 4-4-21, as a spoken word poet/preacher, and  to champion unity among believers, hence Ephesians 4:4 was the verse  that birthed the IG account name.  God clearly spoke to her to step in  and He gets all glory for the platform and content, as He is the giver!   CJ also loves to teach the word and speak about the Gospel and has had  opportunities to do that as a podcast guest.  She and her highschool  sweetheart husband have four homeschooled children and their oldest, teen daughter @creativleighinspired , does original art for the sermon series posts.

The mission @the.fourfour is to usher in renaissance and revival in these last days, bridging  culture with Christ, through the inspiration and passionate realm of  arts/creativity, which are the least common denominator, that appeal to  every human heart.  Additionally, CJ is passionate to Kingdom build, by  encouraging and equipping other believers, so they can walk fully in  their calling and giftedness, for such a time!


The closing song for this episode is "Shadow of Your Wings" by Aryn Michelle (@arynmichelle) -


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