In this second interview of the "Spiritual But Not Religious" Series, Pastor Jay Lee continues to explore what people mean when they identify in this way, and what the Church can learn from them. In this volume, Pastor Jay speaks with Katie Lister, a registered nurse and women's group facilitator in Canada, about her journey from growing up in a devout Christian household, to someone who does not believe in the Christian faith anymore but has found spirituality once again in a different form. We talk about some of the ways she has been hurt by Christians in her own family, the teachings of the Bible she disagrees with, what's beautiful in Christian community, current spiritual beliefs, how she determines what things to adopt or not, and how the positive influences from a Christian friend have helped catalyze her renewed spirituality.

Guest Bio:

Katie Lister (@katielister18) is a Registered Nurse who is on a mission to help people get unstuck and become the best, most authentic versions of themselves.  She facilitates virtual women’s groups, providing intentional connections where members are able to discuss challenges and ideas to receive collective feedback and support. She also will host a personal  growth podcast which will launch in 2022. Living in beautiful British Columbia with her partner and dog, you will find her outside in her free time doing an outdoor activity such as surfing, skiing, or biking. Follow Katie on instagram @katielister18 and send her a DM if you are interested in Women’s Groups, her podcast, and stay tuned for more to come!


The closing song from this episode is "Take Me to New Heights" by Omayra Caban (@omayracabanmusic) -


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