In honor of Black History Month, a special guest devotional by Debra Ayis on the Church and Social Justice.  Debra shares about the strange polarization around the issues of justice and race that have developed in the country and how that has seeped into the church, as well. 

Guest Bio:

Debra Ayis is an award-winning author and poet born in Nigeria, and Founder / Editor of The Valiant Scribe literary journal (@valiantscribe). She is  published in over a hundred anthologies, magazines, journals, and  devotionals in several countries. She has also published three books: Through the Looking Glass: A Collection of Poetry (Raider Publishing International, 2009), Thoughts and Memories (Dovic & Faith Publishers Nigeria, 2009), and  Awaiting Dawn: Echoes of a Haunted Soul (Faith Printers International, 2019). She was an Editor with The Transformers Magazine from 2006-2010 and was Chairwoman of the board for RenewToday from 2019-2021, a social impact organization supporting  WeDeliverPeriod., BrooklynByFaith, WeWriteLife, Be.Spoke, and  JusticeLoves initiatives that foster mercy, justice, and community in  the U.S.A., Uganda, and other countries. She currently co-leads The Redeemed Writers Group in New York, and is a ReclaimToday volunteer contributor.


The closing song "Let Justice Roll" is by Omayra Caban (@omayracabanmusic) -


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