In this episode, special guest Steph Andrews (@itsstephandrews) shares about Jesus' response to Thomas' doubt, and how it led to a greater level of intimacy for Thomas in his relationship with God. 

Guest Bio:

I believe that experiencing God’s Love and Presence are the two greatest joys we have. Whether writing or singing, I can’t stop talking about the power and beauty found in both! When I’m not writing, I enjoy nerding out over the Marvel universe, bonding with my daughter over a puzzle, texting Leslie Knope GIFs, and speaking in whatever accent will make my girls laugh the most.

  • Steph's book "I Love You, I See You, Be Careful: How God's Love and Presence Empower You to Live a Courageous Life":

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The closing song for this episode is "Great Unknown" by Savannah Gibson (@savannahgibsonmusic) -


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