In this episode Pastor Jay Lee explores the growing number of people who identify as "Spiritual but not Religious" and what that means.  He interviews Serena Sutterfield, a Life and Wellness Coach who grew up Christian, but then left the faith for almost a decade - identifying as "spiritual but not religious" during that time.  Serena shares why she left the faith, what brought her back, her current feelings on the church, and what she thinks are the reasons why many others also identify as Spiritual but not Religious.

Guest Bio:

My name is Serena Sutterfield and I am the founder of the life coaching business, Vertical First. It is my goal to open the 4th quadrant of knowledge to others- we don't know what we don't know.  Maintaining a certain level of curiosity and questioning of the world around us is essential to not only our survival but to our peace and  contentment as well. I have helped women to come out of darkness and into the light, opening their minds to the possibilities that their worlds too can be beautiful and curated. I've helped women to create routines based on their overall life goals, giving them hope, confidence, and self appreciation to carry them through. I believe that my neuro divergence is a gift that allows me to see beyond the construct of societal norms, and I am devoted to bringing others into their own realities too!

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